Veganism Catches Fancy Of Health-Conscious Indians

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Delhi: Meenu Nageshwaran, 53, felt she had been handed a life sentence when she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2012. What followed was never-ending appointments with doctors and a long list of prohibited foods. The grave malady left her anguished – and that is when she discovered the power of veganism.

“My reason to turn vegan was purely by choice. I was very scared when I heard the news. This is when I decided to make lifestyle changes to improve my health. So I took to meditation, ayurveda and exercise and slowly shifted to a vegan diet,” Nageshwaran, who works as a pranic healer, told IANS.

“It wasn’t easy. But with dedication and determination, I was able to control diabetes. You won’t believe: today I am off insulin,” she added.

Like Nageshwaran, there are many who are turning to veganism – a practice that is very common in the western world – and is now catching up in India albeit with those who need a healthy diet after suffering from a lifestyle disease or as a precautionary measure.

Veganism simply means abstaining from animal and diary products like milk, cheese and curd in addition to meats and fish.

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