VC on the Roof of the World

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

An NGO helps to acquaint Tibetan entrepreneurs with the fast-moving world of venture capital.
Mr. Tselhun is the chief of the economic bureau for the Tibet Autonomous Region Federation of Commerce and Industry, and head of a delegation of 10 Tibetans who came from ancient, fabled Lhasa to Shenzhen?the postmodern poster city for China?s economic miracle?to learn about venture capital and what it might do for them.
?We are very interested in venture capital, even though we are not representing high technology businesses,? said the lanky, deeply tanned Mr. Tselhun, who described his 11,000-member federation as a kind of chamber of commerce for ethnic Tibetan businesspeople. His delegation included representatives of construction, real estate, tourism, agriculture, and even traditional Tibetan medicine companies.
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Source: Red Herring