September 6

Viewpoint: Environmental Impact Assessments Don’t Work in Nigeria: Here’s Why

By Synda Obaji

Since 1972, when the first world conference on the environment was held, there have been various responses to environmental problems. One of these is the introduction of environmental impact assessments. These are vital in environmental decision-making. They ensure that environmental and sustainability issues are integrated into development planning.

In Nigeria, these assessments are primarily governed by the Environmental Impact Assessment Act 1992. Under this law, an environmental impact assessment is required for development projects that are likely to have significant adverse effects on the environment.

But the assessments are not often carried out. Developments that are clearly detrimental to the environment still take place. Land reclamation, for instance, frequently happens without an assessment of its impacts. This has led to the loss of wetlands in many parts of Nigeria.

Photo courtesy of Myriams-Foto.

Source: The Conversation (link opens in a new window)

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