July 28

Viewpoint: Here’s Why Developing Countries Should Embrace Value-Based Healthcare After the Coronavirus Pandemic

By & Joel Schamroth

Of all the industries impacted by Covid-19, healthcare was the first. Custodians of the world’s healthcare services have received a dose of forced introspection, faced with acknowledging the frailties of existing systems and the challenge of how best to redesign healthcare delivery. It quickly became clear that a return to the pre-Covid-19 status quo was neither possible nor desirable if we are to build the resilient, high-quality and equitable health systems of the future.

Emerging markets face severe challenges in response to healthcare crises

Frontier and developing markets often have overburdened healthcare systems, which are typically poorly resourced in comparison with their high-income counterparts. These regions tend to have inadequate clinical capabilities for diagnosis and treatment, such as fewer intensive care beds and weak laboratory infrastructure.

Photo courtesy of sergio santos.

Source: Forbes (link opens in a new window)

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