May 15

Viewpoint: How Emerging Economies Should Navigate Economic Recovery Post-Pandemic

By Eoin Daly

Pandemics hit the vulnerable hardest and Covid-19 is no exception. Emerging Asian economies are particularly susceptible to both the public health challenges and the economic consequences of failing to contain the spread of the virus. Emerging Asian economies have large populations, limited hospital capacity and shortages of supplies and medical equipment. As cases and fatalities rise across emerging Asia, it is essential to flatten the curve in these countries.

However, flattening the curve requires measures that have serious economic consequences and can cause extreme hardship. Among the most vulnerable are migrant workers, casual and uncontracted workers, and those who rely on daily cash earnings to buy food. Hundreds of millions of people live this reality in emerging Asia.

Photo courtesy of Chhor Sokunthea.

Source: The Edge Malaysia (link opens in a new window)