Viewpoint: Our economy, and global health, depend on ties to China

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Greater Seattle is one of the most internationally connected regions in the United States. More than 40 percent of the jobs in our region are tied to international trade and commerce.

China, in particular, is an anchor relationship for our region. Family farms produce apples, wheat and other crops for export, and Washington sells more goods to China than any other state. One in four Boeing airplanes is purchased by China.

As China’s President Xi Jinping visits the United States this week, and as our new administration’s policies take shape, it is no surprise that local businesses are closely monitoring our relationship with China. The health of our region’s economy depends on it. The health of millions of poor women and children around the world depends on it, too.

Yes, our region leads the world in producing apples and airplanes. Seattle also is a leader in global health and development. Local organizations such as PATH forge collaborative partnerships in China and other countries to improve health — for hundreds of millions of people who need it most.

Source: The Seattle Times (link opens in a new window)

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