Viewpoint: The thing about impact investments

Friday, February 23, 2018

The thing about impact investments is the best of them look like regular investments.

Take fund manager Leapfrog Investments. In late 2017 the company sold a major stake in emerging market mobile insurance provider BIMA to insurer Allianz for $A96 million.

It’s a healthy return but more importantly, in the four years Leapfrog was invested in BIMA it helped sell 30 million insurance policies across 14 countries. BIMA is now the largest life insurance provider in Cambodia and doubled the insurance penetration per capita of both Ghana and Bangladesh.

Here in the West we may take our insurance policies for granted but in developing countries access to affordable insurance options is a game-changer which can greatly improve quality of life.

“Insurance provides a crucial safety net and springboard to people working to rise in the middle class,” Leapfrog founder and CEO Andy Kuper says.

Photo courtesy of GotCredit.

Source: bluenotes (link opens in a new window)

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