Village Capital Announces Latest Impact Investments

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Village Capital, a leading venture firm investing in social enterprises, recently announced its latest investments.

Operating with a unique model that starts with a cohort of startups in a particular industry, most recently healthcare IT, that actually relies on the startups to choose the companies Village Capital invests in.

Victoria Fram, the Managing director of Village Capital, described the most recent cohort, “Across the board, the entrepreneurs in this cohort are dedicated to changing what can seem like intractable challenges in our current health system. Their innovations are focused on reducing inefficiency, lowering costs, and thereby creating greater access and greater outcomes for millions of patients. A world where all these companies are successful will be a healthier and more equitable one.”

After announcing the winners of the Healthcare IT cohort, 1DocWay and AsthmaMD, Fram noted, “VilCap Investments is thrilled to add two new great companies to our portfolio, and to be co-investing in them with the Texas Medical Center. 1DocWay and AsthmaMD are pursuing large market opportunities, and addressing critical health needs that affect underserved populations: accessible psychiatric services for hard to reach populations, and patient-centric, easy-to-use integrated asthma management.”

Last week, I was invited to spend time with the team while they conducted the final preparatory sessions of a months-long series. I also had the opportunity to attend the final pitch session where all of the participants presented and answered questions from interested investors and sponsors.

Source: Forbes (link opens in a new window)

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