Visa and FICO rewrite their playbooks to go after global unbanked

Monday, May 14, 2018

By David Wolfe

Across the globe, many different populations have distinct reasons for being unbanked. To reach these audiences, mainstream financial companies are discovering approaches that wouldn’t be possible in the U.S.

The methods that companies like Visa and Fair Isaac (FICO) deploy in other markets are designed to take into account the differences in how those markets are regulated. For example, in other markets, FICO can make use of more sources of alternative credit scoring data.

“Outside the U.S. … we don’t call it alternative data, we just call it data,” said David Shellenberger, FICO’s senior director of scoring and advanced analytics, in a presentation at SourceMedia’s Card Forum this week in Miami. “There is a wide array of data sources, and when we’re not under the same type of regulatory constraints, we can start looking at other ways to assess consumers that have very limited credit profiles.”

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