Vodadukas to be powered by solar energy

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

In an empowerment initiative aimed at rural and other areas of Tanzania where electricity supplies are scarce or absent, Vodacom Tanzania has announced that they are rolling out Vodadukas powered completely by solar energy.

?In places where people like without infrastructure such as electricity and good roads, we believe these mobile solar-powered units will have considerable impact on the standard of living and help create jobs,? says Vodacom Tanzania?s Managing Director. Romeo Kumalo.

Similar to the now almost ubiquitous Simu ya Watu containers which offer calls to the general public for as little as 60/-, Vodaduka operators can generate profits by selling a variety of Vodacom products and services.

As well as being able to offer inexpensive public payphone service, pre-paid Vodacom vouchers, starter packs and phone-charging services will also be for sale.

Every aspect of the Vodaduka is designed around practical and accessible use for both user and operator.
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Source: Guardian