Voxtra invests in Mtanga Farms Limited

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Voxtra East Africa Agribusiness Fund (Voxtra) has completed an investment of US$ 1.5 million in Mtanga Farms Limited (MFL), a commercial farm engaged in seed crops, arable farming and livestock. The investment marks the first of a projected 8 to 10 investments targeting companies with pivotal roles in improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers. Voxtra’s investment will enable MFL to take its seed potato business to a commercial scale, triple its farmed acreage and significantly ramp up its budding livestock operation.

Mtanga Farms is an integrated agri-business based in Iringa, Tanzania. Its operations extend over 2,600 hectares, previously farmed but long neglected when MFL secured its long-term lease of the land in 2009. MFL has since made significant strides to rehabilitate the land and put in place essential infrastructure to support the further growth of the business. MFL focuses on high value seed crops and the protein value chain. Its seed activities are centred around the establishment of a seed potato operation providing clean seed potatoes to smallholder farmers across Tanzania. The protein business includes the growing of animal feed, a livestock breeding business and downstream processing of meat. The company is run by a dedicated team of farmers and business developers, and is now well-positioned to become the leading integrated farming operation in the Southern Tanzanian Highlands.

Source: Seed Investors Blog (link opens in a new window)

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