Waste Not, Want Not as Villagers Pioneer Use of Biogas in Cambodia, by Ker Munthit

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Nget Loun’s rickety old thatched house is typical of Cambodia’s impoverished countryside, but it holds a surprise inside: a state of the art, environmental-friendly gas stove.

Off the grid as far as most utilities are concerned, her household and 29 others in this village get a steady supply of clean energy from human and animal waste, using a device that not only makes cooking less of a chore, but also keeps their gardens flourishing and helps save the forests.

At the center of the experiment is a device called a biological gas digester — or biodigester — which converts a byproduct of manure into cooking gas.
The technology has taken hold in other countries as a way to generate gas or electricity, and now an independent development group is hoping to spread it to Cambodia’s poor rural people.
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Source: Associated Press