Wealthy Indonesians Start Sharing the Wealth

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

There are few places in the word where such vast contrasts exist that one can watch a Bentley overtaking a bajaj on city streets, an act that symbolizes the scale of economic inequality throughout the country.

However, several determined Indonesians are aiming to take matters into their own hands as a means to provide greater opportunities to those who are less fortunate.

Sandiaga Uno, a successful investor and CEO of Saratoga Capital, has found a unique way to link his passion for running with his will to make a positive difference, through the empowerment of young Indonesians.

His charity, Berlari Untuk Berbagi (Running To Share), he has run in three marathons since 2009 and raised over Rp 2 billion (US$224,000) to date through donations, in which sponsors pledge to donate money for every kilometer he runs, with Sandiaga doubling the contributions with his own money.

His next feat will see him participating in the largest marathon in the world, the 2011 New York Marathon, where over 40,000 other participants will be running alongside him in an event that he hopes will raise even more money for disadvantaged Indonesians.

Source: The Jakarta Post (link opens in a new window)