July 31

What 6 of the 7 Countries With the Most COVID-19 Cases Have in Common

By Jason Beaubien

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage around the world, some of the largest outbreaks are in countries that fall into one particular economic category. They’re not rich. They’re not poor. They’re middle income.

In fact, of the countries reporting the most cases globally, 6 of 7 are middle-income nations.

And they’re not just any middle-income countries. They’re some of the most influential players in the global south. Brazil, India, Mexico, Peru, Russia and South Africa are not only major emerging market economies, they’re regional political powers.

Middle-income countries are defined by the World Bank as having annual per capita income between $1,000 and $12,000. The U.S., by comparison (the one high-income country in the top 7), has an average annual income of $66,000.

Photo courtesy of Adam Nieścioruk.

Source: NPR (link opens in a new window)