December 9

What Governments Must Agree at COP15 to Accelerate Business Action on Biodiversity and Nature

The UN Biodiversity COP15 finally opens its doors in Montreal this week after a two-year delay, and the stakes for our world could not be higher.

Nature is in crisis – as proved both by accelerating natural disasters and mounting scientific evidence – with human activity and global warming pushing nature towards tipping points beyond which our societies and economies will no longer be able to thrive.

Biodiversity loss is a challenge that must be addressed with the same urgency as climate change. A thriving natural world and a stable climate are both essential to support societies, livelihoods, wellbeing and the economy.

The climate and biodiversity crises are conjoined and cannot be solved independently from each other. Indeed, nature was at the centre of many discussions and decisions at COP27, and the architects of the Paris Agreement have urged leaders gathering in Canada to send a clear signal to the world that the status quo is over.

Photo courtesy of geralt.

Source: World Economic Forum (link opens in a new window)

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