Why Mobile Wallets Will Be Offered to 120,000 Zambian Farmers

Thursday, December 11, 2014

MTN Chief Sales and Distribution Officer Amos Jere told journalists at the Zambia Agriculture Show that MTN Zambia plans to work with 120,000 farmers in the next farming season through the Ericsson Wallet Platform. Quoted by the Lusaka Times, he said that the company is in the process of rolling out our mobile money platform to integrate MTN Mobile Money with all banks in the country and added that some 4,000 subsistence farmers in the country have already been successfully paid through the platform for their cotton sales in Eastern Province

One of the main reasons Amos Jere gave for the adoption of the Ericsson mobile money platform was to help limit incidences of theft of cash in transit. Ericsson Wallet Platform enables mobile payment services for consumers so money transfers and salary payments can be done quickly and securely. This is going to spell a big improvement for the lives of these farmers, who can often feel insecure being forced to accept cash payments in remote areas. What’s more, making weekly or monthly salary payouts in cash is an unnecessary drain on a company’s resources.

Source: Ericsson (link opens in a new window)