Why Toilets, Not Cell Phones, Are Key To Education Around The World

Thursday, January 3, 2013

John Kluge says things many people want to say, but don’t because they think it’s taboo. Kluge is out to change that. His “Give a Sh*t Manifesto” starts with BE THANKFUL. YOU HAVE A TOILET. 2.5 BILLION DO NOT. THIS IS A BIG DEAL. YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS SH*T. While others whisper the word “sanitation,” John and Co-Chief Toilet Hacker, Michael Lindenmayer say it boldly. Their stickers shout out: “Disrupt SH*T” and “Poop is POWER.” With support from their partners including the World Bank, Water for People, and UNICEF– these two toilet hackers are taking on the giant-sized challenge to develop breakthrough innovations for improving access to sanitation for the world’s poor.

My conversation with John Kluge:
Kluge: How many people do you think don’t have a toilet in the world? 2.5 BILLION people don’t have a toilet. Nearly 40% of humanity lives without access to sanitation or toilets.
Me: That’s crazy.
Kluge: We’re talking NO toilet. In India, there are 3 cell phones for every toilet. Yes, you can call someone halfway around the world, but getting access to the most powerful health tool around is out of reach.

Source: Forbes (link opens in a new window)

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