World Bank, IFC Unveil Off-Grid Lighting Solution for Nigeria

Monday, December 7, 2015

The World Bank and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) have unveiled an off-grid solar power solution for Nigeria tagged Lighting Africa.

Lighting Africa mobilises the private sector to build sustainable markets that provide affordable, modern solar lighting products to families that are not connected to grid electricity.

The initiative, according to the Consultant, IFC/World Bank Market Development for Lighting Africa Project, Mr. Fanen Acho, is aimed at bridging the huge gap in the area of access to power while also helping to increase access to affordable, clean and safer lighting for more Nigerians living in rural areas and have low incomes.

In Nigeria, he said the World Bank and IFC have financed and certified some companies to bring in solar powered lamps which will now be handed over to distributors for final sale to the end users.
Acho, however, cautioned that the initiative is not a save-the-poor programme and a subsidised scheme, but strictly a market that is expected to evolve on its own through demand for the products, especially when consumers are able to see the benefits inherent in solar power compared to the use of dirty fuels.

According to him, Lighting Africa mobilises the private sector to build and develop markets that enable access to clean, affordable, quality lighting products by fostering partnerships among local and global manufacturers and creating new channels through local distribution companies that will help build robust supply chains for off-grid lighting products.

Source: The Sun News (link opens in a new window)

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