Derek Newberry

Rising Ventures: Beijing WorldWell Turns Waste Into Profit

Another sustainable company success story to take you into the weekend:? this one starts with a relatively simple concept.? Chinese industry is experiencing plenty of growth right now, and can in many ways be considered the engine driving the country’s healthy economy.? But this rapid expansion has brought about significant inefficiencies – 58 percent of energy consumption in East Asia can be attributed to China, and much of this to the industrial sector.? Much of this consumption, up to 60 percent in some facilities, ends up being wasted energy.? Why not turn this incredible output of energy into cost savings?

This is the thinking that spurred the creation of Beijing WorldWell Energy Technologies – quite a handle, and the company has a solution to match.? WorldWell has fleets of trucks that literally collect heat from steel plants, factories and other industrial facilities and then transfer that heat to clients’ office buildings.? This is used to regulate internal temperature in an efficient way that offsets heat usage by the client.? If it seems too…well, random to actually work, take a look at the company’s profile.

Businesses using this service save half the cost of sourcing energy from traditional petroleum, and WorldWell has generated enough revenue to expand its reach heavily in the coming years.? With the winter months upon us here in the US, a WorldWell truck or two could probably make a huge difference.? We’ll have to deal with the heating bill in the meantime….