Monday, February 25, 2013

What Nepalese Mountaineers Can Teach You About Business

Source: INC

Had it not been for Lee Nadler's fateful pro-bono marketing work for Outward Bound 15 years ago, his career path might have taken a completely different turn. The turning point came during a trek in the Annapurna foothills in Nepal.

Nadler was introduced to the Sherpas, the native people who act as guides for people traversing the Himalayas. In the Sherpas Nadler saw qualities that inspired him. In fact, the experience was so transformative that last year he went back, this time to Mount Everest on a journey to its south base camp.

The trip involved trekking about 1,000 feet a day at an elevation of more than 18,000 feet. His goal: to learn more about the Sherpas whom he couldn't get out of his head, and figure out a way to incorporate their traits into his own life and look for them in the people around him.


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