Euhbin Song
Calvert Foundation

Euhbin Song is a fall 2015 BCG Social Impact Fellow with Calvert Foundation. She previously worked for Teach For America and in economic development. She earned her B.A. from Northwestern University and M.B.A. with Distinction from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Articles by Euhbin Song

  • Euhbin Song

    Financing the Farming of the Future

    According to the World Bank, 78 percent of the world’s poor are rural poor, and many of them are farmers. If you are looking for social returns, there are few better places to invest than in agriculture. Yet, we see significant unmet capital needs. At Calvert Foundation is interested in bringing additional capital to grow this important sector and encouraging other private investors to join as well. Fair trade lending has been an important movement in the agriculture sector, and has led to the creation of critical jobs and economic activity. But how can we learn from pioneer investors and encourage capital to address the significant gaps in financing for innovations in the value chains for locally consumed crops?

    Agriculture, Investing
    financial inclusion, impact investing, smallholder farmers
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