Jaclyn Berfond
Women’s World Banking

Jaclyn Berfond is a senior associate at Women’s World Banking, where she manages knowledge and innovation programs for the WWB Network. Jaclyn plays a critical role in delivering workshops, trainings and exchanges for network member institutions, as well as supporting knowledge dissemination throughout the network and the broader microfinance industry.

Prior to joining WWB, Jaclyn was a research associate at the Council on Foreign Relations, where she researched issues of international political economy, including economic development, globalization, trade policy, immigration, financial systems, and the intersection of technology and foreign policy. She also worked in client service at a private wealth management firm.

Jaclyn is currently a board member for World Action for Humanity, a small non-profit supporting grassroots programs in East Africa. Jaclyn holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Economics from Boston University and an International Organizations MBA from the University of Geneva.

Articles by Jaclyn Berfond

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