Jennifer Liebschutz
Digital Divide Data

Jennifer Liebschutz is the development associate for Digital Divide Data (DDD) in Phnom Penh. DDD is an internationally acclaimed social enterprise and Impact Sourcing Service Provider that create jobs for talented young men and women who deliver high-quality content business process outsourcing services to clients globally. As part of DDD’s mission, we provide scholarships to university and English lessons for our operations staff, enabling them to find sustained higher-income jobs after graduation.


As the Development Associate, Jennifer identifies fundraising opportunities in Asia, works to increase DDD’s regional visibility, and assists with alumni and external relations. She recently coordinated DDD’s annual impact survey of current program participants and alumni in Laos and Cambodia. Previously, Jennifer taught English for DDD and worked for a local Buddhist NGO in Battambang, Cambodia. Jennifer holds a BA in Religion from Wesleyan University and is originally from Albany, New York.




Articles by Jennifer Liebschutz

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