Jia Han
Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

Jia Han is a joint M.A. candidate in International Relations and Economics at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and a J.D. candidate at UCLA School of Law.

Her interest in international development developed from experiences working and researching in Asia. She has served as a volunteer English teacher with WorldTeach in China and helped organize criminal defense trainings for legal aid attorneys in China while at International Bridges to Justice. She was also awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to research legal interventions for victims of domestic violence at the Peking University Law School.

Jia grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts and received her bachelor’s degree in Social Studies at Harvard University. She is fluent in Chinese and is studying Bahasa Indonesian. She looks forward to graduating from her joint degree program in 2012 and to contribute to the ongoing discussion on how best to generate social impact.

Articles by Jia Han

  • Jia Han

    Rewind: A Closer Look Wharton Social Impact Conference

    Bart Houlihan, head of B Lab and an expert in what makes a social business and what doesn’t, was an ideal presenter to kick off the The Wharton Social Impact Conference last month. B Lab’s impact-rating system served as the basis for the Global Impact Investing Rating System. Creating "common dictionary" was the buzz phrase for many in attendance.

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