Juliana Mutis and Marcela Arango

Juliana Mutis,Minka-DevGeneral Director, has worked as an independent consultant and co-founder of the Barcelona Base of the Pyramid Learning Laboratory, Center of applied research on business bevelopment in contexts of poverty.Specializing in strategy and business models in impoverished populations. For more than 9 years has participated in the evaluation, training, research and design of inclusive business models in Latin America, India and Uganda. She has worked with companies, business associations and international organizations in developing inclusive business projects in various sectors including food, agriculture, housing, micro-finance, energy, water and telecommunications.

Marcela Arango,Minka-DevCommunity Manager, is a communications specialist with nine years of experience. She has worked in communications and ICT projects at the Colombian Ministry of Culture, as well as social change and volunteer initiatives at IICD Michigan, US. She was coordinator of an income generation project for rural women in Mozambique, in alliance with Humana People to People.

Articles by Juliana Mutis and Marcela Arango

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