Katharine Bierce

Katharine works full-time at a global data analytics solutions firm in the NYC area. In her free time, she is an intrapreneur who leads the global employee volunteering program, for which she was a Finalist in the 2012 Net Impact “Impact at Work Award.” You can catch her on Twitter @kbierce


Articles by Katharine Bierce

  • Katharine Bierce

    Impact Career Paths: Making your own luck

    Much of the talk around intrapreneurship has centered on aligning to strategy: the triple bottom line, metrics, KPIs, cause marketing, business drivers and social value, and so on. The importance of this conversation is undeniable. But the debate goes deeper than large-scale projects when the question becomes “how can you we encourage a culture where every employee is a changemaker?”

    Ashoka, multinational corporation