Kingsley Pungong
Rainbow Sports Global

Kingsley Pungong is a Cameroonian-born entrepreneur with experience in starting and running businesses in Africa, the U.K. and the U.S. He previously directed Wasserman Media Group’s Africa strategy and advised governments, leagues, sportswear manufacturers and professional football clubs in the U.K., Europe, North America and Asia.

He is the founder and CEO of Rainbow Sports Global, a leading sports enterprise with a global footprint, which has successfully positioned itself as a pan-African sports entity, providing holistic management, marketing and media solutions for football sports agencies, clubs and talented African football players.

Articles by Kingsley Pungong

  • Kingsley Pungong

    Innovative Philanthropy: Why Charitable Giving in Global Education Is Good Business

    The business community is increasingly aware of its social responsibility and the impact of its charitable giving — and this shift is influencing how it interacts with the philanthropic sector. Kingsley Pungong of Rainbow Sports Global shares the changes he's seen as a long-term entrepreneur and philanthropist, and explores how innovative new giving models can benefit both recipients and donors. As a case in point, he explains how his recent donations in support of global childhood education will improve his business dealings and make a strong social impact.

    Education, Investing, Transportation
    corporations, philanthropy
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