Krati Airan

Krati Airan works with the Climate Action Team at Villgro, managing portfolio for the Sustainable Building Material startups. Previously, she has worked with academic research, policy think tanks, and implementation organizations, like CARBSE CEPT University, CPR, and SELCO Foundation, trying to find answers on how to integrate energy-efficient technology solutions into last-mile implementation strategies for the development of marginalized communities. Krati is also an ex-fellow of the Urban Fellowship Program at IIHS.

Krati is a sustainability enthusiast, trying to find equilibrium between environment vs development challenges.

Articles by Krati Airan

  • Krati Airan / Rohang Mishal

    Climate-Resilient Architecture: The Key to Combating Heat Stress in India

    Global warming has increased the intensity of heat waves over the last few decades. And in India and other emerging countries, extreme heat is a particularly serious problem, as only 8% of the 2.8 billion people living in the world’s hottest regions have air conditioners. But according to Krati Airan and Rohang Mishal at Villgro Innovations Foundation, the problem won't be solved by simply expanding access to air conditioning, which is expensive and energy-intensive. They explore the impact of climate-resistant architecture in addressing heat stress in the world’s hottest – and most economically vulnerable – countries.

    climate change, housing, recycling
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