Lourdes Zamanillo
Freelance Journalist

Lourdes studies communications in the Universidad Iberoamericana. She has performed professional practices in the programming department ofDiscovery Communications; in Editorial Televisa, writing for the magazines National Geographic and Muy Interesante; and in EditorialExpansiónfor the digitalversion of Quo. She is currently a collaborator inAshoka México and Centroamérica, and a freelance journalist.

Articles by Lourdes Zamanillo

  • Lourdes Zamanillo

    Building New Social Franchises Brick By Brick

    We live in a time of big enterprises and big entrepreneurs. Corporate types have managed to position themselves in such way that their influence over the world is as unsurmountable as their products are in the market. And franchises are among the tools that have created this boom. Still, how far can this strategy be taken? Could it be leveraged by social entrepreneurship programs? The answer is: absolutely yes.

    Base of the Pyramid
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