Marin Kaleya
Columbia Business School

Marin Kaleya is an MBA candidate at Columbia Business School with a concentration in Social Enterprise. She spent her summer as a Communications and Business Development Summer Associate at Acumen Fund and subsequently as a corporate responsibility consulting intern at Context America. Prior to business school, Marin worked at a strategic financial & corporate communications firm in New York. She graduated from Cornell University in May 2006 with a B.S. in Communication.

In her downtime, Marin is a youth mentor and serves on the Young Executive Board of iMentor. She is also a New York 2009 StartingBloc Fellow.

Follow Marin on Twitter at @marinkaleya.

Articles by Marin Kaleya

  • Marin Kaleya

    Taking Stock of IRIS

    There is no EBITDA equivalent for social impact. The Global Impact Investing Network’s Impact Reporting and Investment Standards is one solution, but there are still questions. One potential breakthrough case study examining the framework in action will try to answer those questions at the 2011 Social Enterprise Conference at Columbia University.

    impact investing, poverty alleviation, social enterprise