Michael Stulman
Grassroots Business Fund

Michael joined the GBF team in 2010 as communications officer. He is responsible for leading their communications staff in branding and messaging, as well as media outreach, speaking engagements and activities.

His broadcast and print credits include Al Jazeera- English, BBC Business Daily,Bloomberg, Christian Science Monitor, CNN, Congressional Quarterly, The Daily Beast, Democracy Now!, The Guardian, Los Angeles Times, National Public Radio, Pacifica Radio, Voice of America, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and other media outlets.

Prior to working with GBF, Michael worked with Africa Action to direct policy and communications. He also has experience at the Institute for Policy Studies, Service Employees International Union, and several non-profit organizations in Southern Africa.

Michael’s work in the field of development and human rights has led him to travel extensively in Ghana, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda and other parts of the world. He holds a B.A. in Sociology from Bluffton University in Ohio and has taken graduate courses at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. In his time away from work, Michael enjoys hosting social engagements and building relationships with people from all around the world with diverse professional backgrounds.

Articles by Michael Stulman

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