Oksana Martseniuk
Uniglobal Utilities

Oksana Martseniuk is the chief marketing officer at Uniglobal Utilities in Prague, Czech Republic. She previously worked as an operations analyst at the World Bank – Europe and Central Asia Region in the Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova Country Unit. She also has experience as a portfolio analyst and learning and knowledge management coordinator.

Articles by Oksana Martseniuk

  • Oksana Martseniuk

    ‘It is Time to Rethink Microfinance’: Exploring a Sector in Transition in the Asia Pacific Region

    The Asia Pacific microfinance sector is changing. Its MFIs have seen rampant growth, and the enterprises they serve have financing requirements that are growing more complex. In response, some MFIs are adapting their business models into different types of financial institutions, such as small banks. In short, the sector is evolving from a niche segment to a mainstream industry – with all the challenges and opportunities that implies. The Asia Pacific Microfinance Forum will discuss this evolution in Singapore on October 30-31, bringing together MFIs, NGOs, impact investors, entrepreneurs and others, all committed to building a better world.

    financial inclusion, impact investing, microfinance
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