Parag Ghosh
Auspice Social

Parag Ghosh is a social entrepreneur and founder of Auspice Social. His social enterprise is using the market forces to achieve the positive changes we want. His start up is unique as they employ only adults with autism. He believes that Social Enterprise is the business structure of the 21st Century. Whether it is the people they work with or products they create or the causes they highlight, social enterprises are game changers. For more information about their work and products, visit He can be personally reached at

Articles by Parag Ghosh

  • Parag Ghosh

    Meaningful Employment for Autistic People: A Social Startup in India Seeks to Transform Lives

    Autism affects tens of millions of people around the world, and the vast majority of adults with the condition are either unemployed or underemployed, despite their ability, desire and willingness to work. Parag Ghosh of Auspice Social explores how the company is addressing these challenges by providing hands-on training and skill development to adults with autism in India, and lays out its four-phase plan to boost employment among autistic people around the globe through an inclusive business model based on human-centric design.

    employment, SDGs, startups
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