Pascale Leroueil
William Davidson Institute

Pascale R. Leroueil is the research manager for health care delivery at the William Davidson Institute. Her research is focused on applying business practices to sustainably address human health needs in emerging markets. She has worked with both public and private health systems to increase their efficiency of care. She also holds an adjunct appointment at the University of Michigan’s Medical School. Before joining the William Davidson Institute she worked in vaccine development at the University of Michigan’s Medical School. She earned a doctorate in physical chemistry at the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in business administration at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.


Articles by Pascale Leroueil

  • Pascale Leroueil

    From Luxury to Economy: Segmenting Health Care to Reach the Poor

    Should health care be segmented in much the same way as cars and other products? Our gut reaction is likely to be, “No!” After all, it seems unfair that those with money have access to care while the poor don’t. But health care already is segmented across a variety of social determinants, including wealth. What if health care was not segmented based on the quality of care provided? Instead, what if health care were segmented based on how the care was delivered?

    Health Care
    public health
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