Reid Harvey
TAM Ceramics

Reid Harvey is a ceramic industrial designer focused on environmental health in the developing world. Having spent 24 years in various parts of sub-Saharan Africa and southern Asia, Reid worked on water filter projects in both Nepal and Kenya, with stove work in Guinea, Senegal, Ghana, Chad, Cameroon and Tanzania.

Articles by Reid Harvey

  • Reid Harvey

    Ceramics in Global Development: How an Affordable, Overlooked Technology Could Spark a Micro-Scale Industrial Revolution

    In the developing world, diseases caused by polluted air and contaminated water claim millions of lives. Yet initiatives to distribute clean cookstoves and water filters have often struggled to bring affordable solutions to poor communities. According to Reid Harvey at TAM Ceramics, both filters and cookstoves can be inexpensively produced with an unexpected technology: ceramics. He explores how a breakthrough in ceramic science and design, combined with a focus on local production and distribution, could boost entrepreneurship while delivering life-changing products to the poor.

    global development, SDGs
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