Sara Olsen
SVT Group

Sara founded SVT Group in 2001. She is founding board member of Social Value United States and co-chair of the methodology subcommittee of Social Value International; has taught at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Middlebury Institute of International Studies and many other institutions; and is the author of several publications on impact management.

Sara earned her MBA from UC Berkeley and MSW from the University of Chicago.

Articles by Sara Olsen

  • Sara Olsen

    If I See One More Post About the Lack of Progress on Impact Metrics, I’m Gonna Lose It

    It's a popular sub-genre in media coverage of impact investing: Think-pieces lamenting the sector's lack of progress on impact measurement. But Sara Olsen, Founding Partner and CEO at SVT Group, has had enough of this critique: "We do have the tools to understand the impact of the global capital marketplace, in all its diverse and terrible glory," she argues. And those who don't recognize this are muddying the waters – or worse, giving businesses and investors a good excuse to ignore the many options that exist for measuring their impacts on people and the planet.

    Impact Assessment, Investing
    ESG investing, impact investing
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