Stephanie Kater
Bridgespan Group

Stephanie Kater is a partner at the Bridgespan Group, a global social-impact advisory firm. She currently leads the Bridgespan team which, along with Y Analytics, provides “impact underwriting” to The Rise Fund. Prior to joining Bridgespan in 2011, Stephanie worked at the U.S. Department of Education and at strategy consulting firm Webster Pacific.

Articles by Stephanie Kater

  • Stephanie Kater

    It’s Really Happening: Watching Impact Influence Capital

    For more than two decades, impact measurement pioneers dreamed of the day when their tools would steer massive amounts of private capital into market-rate funds for social good. Now, writes Stephanie Kater at the Bridgespan Group, it’s actually starting to happen. Kater leads the Bridgespan team managing the impact underwriting for TPG’s Rise Fund, the $2 billion impact investing fund that Bono helped to launch. Kater pulls back the curtain on the processes undergirding the world’s largest impact investing fund.

    Impact Assessment, Investing
    impact investing, impact measurement
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