Syed Usman Javaid
World Bank

Syed Usman Javaid is a recent graduate from the Harvard Kennedy School and is a research analyst at the World Bank. He is incredibly passionate about social entrepreneurship and impact investing. He is originally from Lahore Pakistan and currently resides in Washington DC. Besides writing, Usman’s passions include competitive swimming and he has competed at national level championships in his home country, winning the national title for the 50 Metre Freestyle in 2011.




Articles by Syed Usman Javaid

  • Syed Usman Javaid

    Is Your Impact a 1, a 5, or a 10?: Rating human needs and aspirations

    The problem at the base of the pyramid is most often not the absence of needed goods and services, but rather difficulties in accessing them. Social enterprises are an exciting prospect because they have the potential to address this challenge. At their core, successful businesses are profitable, sustainable, and scalable. When they are successful, social enterprises can be a source of hope for serving the billions living in poverty today. But how do we measure the products of their work?

    Impact Assessment, Investing
    Base of the Pyramid
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