Tyler Hartung
Unreasonable Institute

I was blessed to be born into an extremely amazing family and life that left me never wanting. Safety, food, education: these have always been available to me. It was in my studies of social problems w/in the US that I began to realize that for many people in the world, no matter how hard they choose to work, they cannot achieve the same levels. They may always be hungry. They may never attend school. This may be their path not because of their choices, but because of the situation they were born into. Since realizing this I committed to using business solutions to tackle global problems.

My background is in mathematics, finance and entrepreneurship and now I focus on logistics, planning for the future, details and executing. This was honed as an early employee of entrepreneurial companies. I thrive in the flexibility and ambiguity that is the startup lifestyle.

More personally, I love all the cliche things including traveling to new locations, meeting new people who are passionate about life, and sunsets on beaches facing west. Additionally, I have a deep longing for the days as a child where life’s simplicities rule every moment.

Articles by Tyler Hartung

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