Umar Moghul
Roberts Moghul & Partners LLP

Umar is a partner in the law firm of Roberts Moghul & Partners LLP and a Partner in Gateway LLP, an international consulting firm devoted to Islamic economies.

Umar is passionate about responsible impact investing and the potential of partnerships between business, philanthropy and development. For nearly 20 years, Umar has advised on a variety corporate and finance matters, with much of his work being on behalf of ethical and responsible sponsors, investors and business owners. Clients call on Umar to design socially responsible and environmentally conscious frameworks to create inclusive, participatory and responsible transactions.

Umar is adjunct faculty at the University of Connecticut School of Law where he teaches Islamic law and finance, Michigan State Law School where he teaches halal food and Hartford Seminary, where he instructs a course in Islamic spirituality, business and community sustainability.  He is the author of A Socially Responsible Islamic Finance: Character and the Common Good (Palgrave-MacMillan), a book that explores the intersections among Islam, social responsibility and impact investing.

Articles by Umar Moghul

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