Dennis Whittle and Elizabeth Christopherson
Ashoka Changemakers and Rita Allen Foundation

Dennis Whittle is executive chairman ofAshoka Changemakers. He was co-founder and CEO ofGlobalGivingand, earlier, Principal Economist at the World Bank where his team created the Development Marketplace.

Elizabeth Christopherson is the president and CEO ofRita Allen Foundation.

Articles by Dennis Whittle and Elizabeth Christopherson

  • Dennis Whittle and Elizabeth Christopherson

    NexThought Monday: What’s your feedback loop? (Part 1)

    With social change organizations desperate to find fitting solutions for the people they are trying to help, it’s curious that they haven’t been able to tap into this methodology. Why can’t social change organizations implement feedback programs that are equally effective? Is it possible to create similar mechanisms that require social change organizations to listen to what communities want—and then act on what they hear?

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