Yuniya Khan

Yuniya Khan is a Program Development Associate for TechnoServe, Inc., based in Washington, DC. She is passionate about helping people, particularly those with limited resources, to access opportunities for growth and development and live satisfying and productive lives. With Master’s degrees in Theology and Public Administration, she is a firm believer that the human spirit plays a crucial role in the development of people and nations.

Yuniya has worked for domestic and international non-profit organizations in New York, Los Angeles and Washington, DC. Her fondest accomplishments include helping to build a job-shadow program for high school students in underserved areas in Los Angeles, and building a successful partnership between her graduate institution in Monterey, California, and a progressive NGO in El Salvador.

A native of Guyana, Yuniya enjoys learning new languages and cultures. She speaks Spanish and is diligently working on her Portuguese. One of her life’s goals, dreamed up as a child, is to speak at least five languages fluently. She looks forward to tackling French and Korean next.

Articles by Yuniya Khan

  • Yuniya Khan

    NextThought Monday Guest Post: The Road to Self-Sufficiency

    I found myself on such a road in the lowlands of Swaziland earlier this year. In the company of Swazi colleagues, I cruised along a curvy stretch hugged by rolling hills and a vast blue sky. We turned onto a nearly invisible dirt path to a dusty, barnlike building, where we prepared to present a workshop to cotton farmers, who were eager to learn.

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