Derek Newberry

Base of the Pyramid Scaling Series Now Online in One Place

series pdfA quick announcement for readers who only caught bits and pieces of the sector scaling series we ran last week and others who just want to see all of the commentary in one place – we recently packaged all of the series in PDF format and posted it in our resources section.

For those who haven’t followed it:

Taking Base of the Pyramid Strategies to Scale is a series of eleven blog postings that debate a radical new approach to scaling BoP business models, which its proponents call a “transformative sector strategy.” In the series, Al Hammond introduces the conceptual framework for this new development model and provides examples of the strategy in action from the Health and ICT sectors. Six BoP experts comment on the strategy in subsequent guest commentaries, followed by a fifth concluding post from Hammond.

This is the first of what we hope will be more blog series that explore BoP issues and debate them with experts in the field. Check out the pdf and stay tuned for more…