Rob Katz

BOP Roundup – News and Stories of Note II

A couple noteworthy happenings in the Base of the Pyramid universe…

The Quarterly Journal of Economics has released Robert Jensen’s article, “The Digital Provide: Information (Technology), Market Performance and Welfare in the South Indian Fisheries Sector.”? You may recall that this research was the basis of a widely-circulated Economist piece back in May, which Derek also wrote about on Brown’s Watson Institute, where Jensen is a visiting scholar, has a good summary and a link to the full article.The Technology, Entertainment, Design conference is always a hit (not just in terms of content; the $6000 ticket packs a punch at the bank too).? Thankfully, you can check out many “TED Talks” for free on the web.? One of the latest to be released is Patrick Awuah’s:

After working at Microsoft for almost a decade, Patrick Awuah returned home to Ghana and co- founded Ashesi University, a small liberal arts college whose mission is to educate leaders of integrity and competence for Africa.? Awuah left Ghana as a teenager to attend Swarthmore College in the United States, then stayed on to build a career at Microsoft in Seattle.? In returning to his home country, he has made a commitment to educating young people in critical thinking and ethical service, values he believes are crucial for the nation-building that lies ahead.

Finally, check out Andy Savitz, Karl Weber, and Melissa Tritter’s new Triple Bottom Line Blog.? You may know Savitz and Weber as the co-authors of the eponymous book; if their blog is half as entertaining and insightful, you’d be a fool not to bookmark it.