2017 Global Citizenship Conference (GCC) – Ghana


What do we mean by a world in flux? Well, does it seem as if the world is swinging in unexpected, unpredictable directions?

On one hand global under-5 mortality rate has halved between 1990 and 2015, and the global number of people living in extreme poverty has fallen below 10%.
On the other hand, civic spaces  are shrinking around the world, the effects of climate change are increasing, forced displacement is at a record high, and for the first time in history, and mega-cities are increasing in number.

The call for a paradigm shift is becoming increasingly louder. The world needs a new kind of leadership that embraces diversity and nourishes collaborations beyond boundaries of religion, race or geography, to forge equitable, sustainable solutions.

We call this Global Citizenship!

Akwaaba! Welcome to the Global Citizenship Conference 2017!

REGISTER TODAY and be a part of our Global Citizenship Community at the #GhanaGCC2017!

When: 13-19 August, 2017
Where: Ashesi University College, one of Africa’s finest liberal arts colleges and a Melton Foundation partner university since 2014
Who: Melton Fellows, partners, collaborators and YOU!

Location: Berekuso, Ghana

Dates: August 13, 2017 - August 19, 2017