Central Asian and Caucasus Microfinance Forum

The concept of Microfinance was introduced about 35 years ago. However, now it is not just a poverty reduction tool but a foundation for further financial sector development in developing countries. At present, the sector is facing significant changes:

  • new products are being developed and launched by MFIs (microfinance institutions)
  • more and more traditional financial institutions, such as banks and credit unions are getting involved in microfinance
  • local authorities are developing and tuning up regulations in order to facilitate and speed up further financial sector development
  •  microfinance is seen as a reliable sector for private equity investments

For the 8th consecutive year, we at Uniglobal are committed to continue with the tradition of bringing on board a unique network of experts and senior level speakers who will share their experiences & perspectives on current and future trends and challenges in microfinance despite the difficult economic climate and ongoing changes in regulation.

Event will gather together development organizations, banks, specialized microfinance institutions, foundations, and responsible investment managers. The participants will discuss transparency, regulations, transformation of MF industry, social reporting standards, investment, risk and asset management, and innovation from a different angle (senior top level speakers that will bring lessons learned in order to derive applicable solutions)

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Dates: September 6, 2018 - September 8, 2018