Scope 1&2 GHG Emissions Calculator Demonstration

GHG emissions disclosure will soon be required by the SEC, and the EU already requires companies to disclose their emissions data. Despite debate over ESG ratings and regulations, consumers and investors have been demanding increased transparency and accountability for a company’s environmental footprint.
Boundless has long been the trusted source by investors and companies to calculate and analyze environmental data objectively. Now we are making the process easier. We just released our new Scope 1&2 Emissions Calculator, a new user-friendly tool which synthesizes your data with our science-based approach. Your Scope 1&2 Emissions report will provide valuable insights into your real climate impact and further engage consumers and investors in your work.
Join us Tuesday, March 14th at 2 PM ET for a demonstration of how this tool can help you and your business goals.
Time: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET

Location: Virtual

Date: Tuesday, March 14, 2023