Rob Katz

Call for Papers: Impact of Base of the Pyramid Ventures

The “Impact of Base of the Pyramid Ventures” conference will be held November 16-18, 2009 in Delft, the Netherlands. The organizers have just released a call for papers. Abstracts are due May 15; full papers are due July 15.

Today, there is little dispute that poverty is one of the most pressing global problems calling for innovative solutions and market-based approaches. The so-called Base of the Pyramid strategy (BoP) is a novel approach involving the private sector to help alleviate poverty by serving these markets in ways responsive to their needs by providing access to knowledge and technology in an economically profitable way. In this process, a balance between social-, ecological-, and economic sustainability needs to be strived for (People-Planet-Profit). A number of BoP initiatives have been undertaken during the past years, often with impact claimed on the lives of those at BoP – local producers, sellers and buyers as well as the community. But have these ventures really achieved the sustainability impact initially envisioned and reach the poor on a large scale effectively? The main question this Conference is addressing is:

How to define, measure, and optimize towards enduring value creation of BoP ventures?

The purpose of this conference is to increase BoP knowledge on value creation and impact assessments by bringing together keynote speakers and delegates from business, academia, NGOs and the public sector. The conference will provide a platform to share conceptual and empirical evidences that address ways to better understand and increase the sustainability impacts of BoP ventures in terms of changes in economic, capacity, environmental and relational well-being.

More information on the conference is available on their web site.