Francisco Noguera

Exploring the Link between Multinational Corporations and SMEs in Emerging Markets

New Ventures (NV), an initiative of the World Resources Institute and a sponsor to, is looking for help from a dynamic team of MBA students interested in exploring the connection between corporate supply chains and SMEs in emerging markets.

NV has realized that not all the companies it works with are looking for investment or are at the right stage to receive investment from venture funds. In stead, a fair portion of companies are looking to expand into new markets and obtain contracts from international buyers. In the past, NV has provided support to these companies in an ad hoc manner, which has translated into high transaction costs and limited impact. New Ventures would like to develop and implement a south-north linkage strategy (NV companies becoming green suppliers for international or US-based buyers) that will lower transaction costs while serving a greater number of companies.

New Ventures is looking for an MBA team in the winter/spring semester to develop an implementation strategy that helps NV companies in the green consumers products industry engage with international buyers.

If you’re interested in this opportunity to take action, read more about the project and respond before the deadline in late January.


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