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  • Washington, DC - 1 Day
    June 12

    Devex World 2018

    Thinkers & doers, changemakers & expert practitioners will converge by the hundreds at The Mead Center for American Theater in Washington, D.C. on June 12, 2018. The second edition of this unique global development event, Devex World is a full day of inspiring, interactive, collaborative sessions with one focus: you.

    We enter a future where new models reign. No sector, no function, no professional can afford to miss the data revolution or arrive late to innovations transforming lives at scale. This more global, dynamic, competitive ecosystem is brimming with possibility.

    Devex World is not just about understanding this future. It’s about charting it for you, your organization, and the world.

    What’s the value of one truly great idea? One transformative partnership? One epic story that turns your mission into a movement? Devex – the media platform for the global development community – invites you to find out at our biggest, most dynamic event. We’ve packed enormous value into a full-day opportunity. Join us.

  • Nairobi, Kenya - 1 Day
    May 31

    Finnovation Africa: Kenya 2018 – A Powerful Purpose

    Finnovation Africa: Kenya 2018 is a very different kind of event, a complete reboot, for a very different kind of industry. Deconstructed and shorn of all the usual, tired formats of the traditional convention and built from the ground up as a genuinely new event that is a ground-breaking in its focus as it is in its format and aspiring to be as innovative and transformative as the dynamic FinTech market it serves.

    Combining a highly innovative and interactive event format with world-class speakers and more than 300 carefully selected participants, Finnovation Africa: Kenya 2018, to be held at the Radisson Blu Nairobi on the 31st of May 2018, will tackle the most pressing questions for the progress of FinTech and the positive transformation of banking in Africa, providing a platform for all stakeholders to engage in creating the future of financial services on the continent – from established banking powerhouses to FinTech start-ups.

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  • Boston, MA - 1 Day
    April 19

    MIT D-Lab Innovation Practice and Co-Sponsored ANDE Reception

    Network and knowledge share with Boston-area ANDE members and MIT fellows during this “Introducing MIT D-Lab Innovation Practice” event.


    Amy Smith, D-Lab Founding Director: Opening remarks introducing MIT D-Lab Innovation Practice

    Innovation Ecosystem Builder Fellow: Lightning Talk 1

    D-Lab Scale-Ups Fellow: Lighting Talk 2

    Practical Impact Alliance member: Lighting Talk 3

    Livelihood Innovations Speaker: Lighting Talk 4

    Kofi Taha, D-Lab Associate Director: Closing remarks

    Saida Benhayoune, D-Lab Program Director: Host/MC


    Guided discussion groups



    Cosponsored by MIT D-Lab and the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs.

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  • Washington, DC - 2 Days
    June 12

    2018 Metrics from the Ground Up DC

    Join ANDE in Washington, DC this June for two days of conversations focused on emerging practices in measurement, practical strategies for adoption, and lessons from your peers who are supporting small and growing businesses in emerging markets.

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  • Istanbul, Turkey - 4 Days
    April 16

    Global Entrepreneurship Congress

    Every year, the Global Entrepreneurship Congress gathers together thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers and other startup champions from more than 170 countries to identify new ways of helping founders start and scale new ventures around the world. At the weeklong GEC, delegates make connections, gain insights, learn about new research, and leave ready to renew their programs, policy ideas or firm founder skills. GEC 2018 takes place in Istanbul, Turkey – a thriving startup hub that is both an economic and cultural cornerstone of Europe and Asia.

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  • Lusaka, Zambia - 3 Days
    November 6

    Inclusive Insurance for Emerging Markets – 14th International Microinsurance Conference

    The 14th IMC “Inclusive Insurance for Emerging Markets” will take place in Lusaka from 6 – 8 November 2018. Approximately 450 experts from around the world will discuss and identify ways of accelerating growth and economic viability in inclusive insurance for emerging markets. The conference will be hosted by the Microinsurance Technical Advisory Group of Zambia (TAG) and the Munich Re Foundation in cooperation with the MiN.

    The insurance sector in emerging markets has enjoyed steady growth in client outreach and premium volumes over the last fifteen years. New technologies are boosting market coverage. In Asia alone, the number of people insured through mobile phones exceeds 40 million. Furthermore, the G7 countries have set a target of insuring 400 million people against climate risks by 2020. Nonetheless, many people are still without cover or alternative risk management options. The global middle class is predicted to number nearly five billion within two decades — but many of these individuals will still lack a formal safety net from insurance and will risk falling (back) into poverty.

    The main focus of the 14th IMC will be how best to respond to this challenge by applying new technologies, understanding the role of insurance for sustainable development, improving supply, raising awareness of insurance, creating appropriate regulatory frameworks and better understanding of the particular needs of the low income population.

    Representatives from insurance and reinsurance companies, distribution channels, technology providers, investment funds, international organisations, NGOs and development aid agencies, as well as academics, policy makers and supervisory regulators, from around 50 countries will attend the conference. Attendees will exchange views on current growth trends and risks in emerging markets and discuss key factors for successful implementation and maximised business opportunities to bring supply and demand to the next level.

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  • New York, NY - 1 Day
    April 5

    ESG4 Summit

    The growing focus on the implementation of environmental, social and governance standards and best practices is driven by increasing scrutiny of the public markets, their analysts, and institutional investors; and growing emphasis on transparency and accountability in today’s global markets.  As a result, capital markets now engage regularly in discussions on how to assess the value of ESG practices on overall company performance, working with companies that integrate ESG into their performance equation to quantify, qualify and assign added-value by experts making buy, sell or hold recommendations.

    Engage with experts and learn how to apply ESG considerations to your company and your investments.

    Skytop Strategies session leaders are chosen from the highest caliber companies, foundations and funds for the express purpose of diversifying thought and creating balanced panels with all-encompassing viewpoints.


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  • San Francisco, CA - 2 Days
    April 19

    SEED 2018 Gathering

    Save the date and plan to join a wide array of leaders for a conference on the seed stage funding and acceleration ecosystem, for a deep dive into what’s working and what’s next; locally, regionally and around the world. Seed stage impact investing and entrepreneurship tends to live in silos across geography as well as issue area — technology, financial inclusion, housing, consumer goods, health, cryptocurrencies, agriculture and food systems. We will break down the industry and geographic boundaries that tend to compartmentalize our selective and collective efforts.

    This deep practitioner convening will allow for the exchange of winning strategies, and sharing of near and long-term development plans. Together, we will discuss gaps and opportunities in the sector, and push forward actionable concepts to evolve and augment the ecosystem that supports seed stage ventures. And, because no seed stage convening is complete without the thrill of high quality ventures, there will also be a curated showcase of exceptional entrepreneurs sourced from leading accelerators and investors.

    Expert ‘fish bowl’ assessments, design labs, short form keynotes and plenaries, as well as product and practice demos, will be mixed in to ensure collaborative exchanges that honor that every attendee has expertise to bring to the convening, and that info delivery must be varied, creative and interactive. Space is limited to ensure high-quality idea exchange.

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