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  • Cancun, Mexico - 6 Days
    October 14

    Opportunity Collaboration Global

    The Opportunity Collaboration is a global network of leaders dedicated to building sustainable solutions to poverty and injustice. We convene two 4-day collaborative summits, one in the United States and one in Mexico. Both are all-inclusive and uniquely designed to help you forge alliances and advance your organization’s social impact initiatives.

    The entire purpose of the Opportunity Collaboration is to connect you with new people and new ideas. Come prepared to share best practices, illuminate partnership opportunities or reveal a current passion or innovative idea. Engage your fellow Delegates with your mission.

  • Washington, DC - 2 Days
    October 10

    Global Engagement Forum 2018

    On October 10-11, 2018, PYXERA Global will convene an invite-only forum focusing on four specific solvable problems. Leaders and experts from across sectors will come together for two days of intensive collaboration to move the Global Goals from aspiration to achievement.

    This is not your average conference. Participants are expected to engage in intensive collaboration for the entire two-day event, sharing their own unique understanding, expertise, and approaches through a series of interactive work sessions aligned to a specific issue track.Through this facilitated collaboration, the event aims to drive insight and inspiration to catalyze scalable solutions.

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  • Bilbao, Spain - 3 Days
    October 3

    Microfinance Centre-European Microfinance Network (MFC-EMN) Annual Conference

    Co-hosted by the Poland-based Microfinance Centre (MFC) and the Belgium-based European Microfinance Network (EMN), this event’s theme for 2018 is “People and the Digital Revolution: Advancing Our Social Mission through Technology.” Although the agenda of conference is still in development, it will include subjects such as Capitalising on Big Data for Financial Inclusion, MFI (Microfinance Institution) Partnerships with Fintech, Innovative Risk Management Including Alternative Risk Management Tools, and Microfinance Clients’ Financial Health and Ways to Measure It. The event will also include the presentation of the 11th Microfinance Research Award, offering a prize of EUR 1,000 (USD 1,157) to authors on topics such as digitalization in the microfinance sector, job creation, social entrepreneurship or social investment performance measurement.

    Background on Organizer: MFC is a network of 111 MFIs operating in 36 countries that aims to promote a socially oriented and sustainable microfinance sector. Its services include knowledge management, policy advocacy, technical assistance, and research and development. As of December 2016, MFC’s member MFIs serve approximately 1.5 million customers.

    EMN aims to bring together microfinance practitioners and other industry stakeholders in Europe with the purpose of promoting best practices in microfinance, self-employment and microenterprise development. It also seeks to improve the regulatory framework for microfinance at the EU and member-state levels. The NGO disseminates its information via webinars, conferences, peer-to-peer visits and publications. As of 2018, EMN has 112 members and partners located in 25 European countries.

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  • Tarrytown, New York - 3 Days
    October 2

    ANDE Annual Conference

    Each year, the ANDE Annual Conference is the largest gathering of ANDE members from around the globe. The event is targeted at senior-level executives of ANDE member organizations, including leading investors, capacity development providers, foundations, banks, corporations, DFIs and research institutions. The highly interactive agenda features workshops on solutions to common challenges, networking sessions, and plenaries with leading thinkers in the SGB space.

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  • Kenya - 1 Day
    September 25

    Africa Agri-Finance Forum

    According to expert reports, agriculture sector in Africa is the least productive in the world.   Small-scale and subsistence farmers, pastoralists, and fishermen produce most of the food consumed in this region, yet they continue to face a number of challenges.  Lack of capital for investment contributes significantly to the lowering of small scale farmers’ productivity levels.

    How can formal financial institutions provide agricultural credit that meets the unique demands of the entire agricultural?
    Come meet and network with industry leaders who encounter – and solve – the same challenges you see every day. Learn how to gain a competitive advantage, benchmark your strategies, deliver a better customer experience, and so much more!
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  • Arlington, VA - 3 Days
    October 1

    SEEP Annual Conference: Collaboration for Impact

    Every year, the SEEP Annual Conference convenes hundreds of inclusive development leaders from around the world to inquire, debate and learn.

    This flagship event offers a platform for attendees to share experiences of common challenges and collectively explore opportunities for greater impact. The conference has been held for more than 20 consecutive years, each year focusing on a different theme. The 2017 Conference, Catalyzing Transformative Change, welcomed 400 thinkers and doers from 52 countries representing 155 organizations from a cross-section of academic, research, international development, government and private sector.

    The 2018 Conference, Collaboration for Impact, is taking place at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, Arlington, Virginia, USA on October 1-3. Member Day on October 1 kicks off the SEEP Annual General Meeting, followed by lunch discussions highlighting three exciting SEEP programs: mainstreaming the Minimum Economic Recovery Standards, the Responsible Finance through Local Leadership and Learning Initiative and the Savings Groups Evidence & Learning Initiative. The afternoon is devoted to highly interactive annual meetings of the Markets in Crisis community of practice, the Savings-led Working Group and the Women’s Economic Empowerment Working Group. The conference days – October 2 and 3 – feature energizing Plenaries with industry experts, 25 member-led Peer Learning Sessions, 4 donor-sponsored Lunch Dialogues and the third edition of the much-acclaimed SEEP Fail Fest.

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  • Switzerland - 3 Days
    September 21

    Zermatt Summit

    We decided to dedicate the next Zermatt Summit to humanising capital to stimulate innovation.

    Human beings only change when there is a crisis or when there are personal interests involved, so it is time we as a society look at how we succeed to transform our same society.

    Our very lifestyle is likely to undermine the chances that future generations will be able to lead worthwhile lives and have their primary needs met. The economic production model that we currently have does not work. What is required of us, however, is to make a mental leap as well as a behavioral change, to disrupt our thinking about production so as to enter a circular, regenerative, environmentalist dynamic. It is morally necessary for us as individuals and for business to take care of our planet and it’s people.

    In this year’s edition the Zermatt Summit wants to show possible paths that we can take towards regenerative growth by describing trends and scenarios that are difficult to interpret, making them visible, understandable, accessible and promising. The focus will be to put back the human person at the center of innovation in technology, food and energy. An economic revolution inspired by nature is under- way. There is no more powerful force to drive innovation and change than human enterprise.

    The Zermatt Summit is a unique opportunity to meet and spend time with likeminded people from all over the world, each and everyone with a special story to tell. The attendees, ranging from businessmen, policymakers, to entrepreneurs and environmental economists, will share with you innova- tive ways of thought, progressive and inspiring stories, as well as experiences that show that the time to act can be and is now.

    All projects proposed and explained give you in- sights in techniques that are practical, applicable, usable and implementable from day one. Taking place in the exclusive mountain village of Zermatt, surrounded by nature, nested deep into the Swiss Alps. There are moments planned to stretch your legs, go outside to focus on the future full of possibilities and forget day to day stress.

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  • San Francisco, CA - 4 Days
    October 23


    SOCAP is the world’s leading conference activating the capital markets to drive positive social and environmental impact – convening the marketplace at the intersection of money and meaning. The conference brings together impact investors, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, business leaders and other innovators from across the world in a unique cross-sector approach to catalyze collaboration for change.

    NextBillion readers can get $250 off the regular price of tickets using registration code MP_NextBillion.

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